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“Sustainability can’t be like some sort of a moral sacrifice or political dilemma or a philanthropic cause. It has to be a design challenge.”

What makes our shirt so special?

We carefully crafted the SKOT shirt. We did a lot of testing, measuring, comparing and improving. With no concessions on three important pillars: quality, design and sustainability.

We think we created the perfect shirt. It’s as simple as that. With top marks on all levels. Wear it to believe it.

All SKOT shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. No exceptions. They are made using 60% less water than conventional cotton production. The fabrics and the shirts are made in factories with responsible employment conditions. The shirts are tailored to a slim fit and have unique details, such as the SKOT logo on the sleeves and the firm Ascolite button wrapping. All shirts are made of high quality long staple fibre, which give the shirts a long lifetime. And finally, you can recycle all SKOT shirts with us. We give you a 10% premium on your next purchase.

The result: all our SKOT shirts combine sustainability with high quality and design. Try it out today!



We created 2 styles, fun and serious. Because we think life is a mix between fun and serious. Everybody wears a shirt his own way. With the serious collection we styled for formal wear, with a firm and straight collar and enough length in the shirt to keep it in your pants. With buttons made of sustainably grown mother of pearl. The fun collection has a more playful look, with a slightly softer classic collar and with buttons made of recycled coconut. Each style has the same organic cotton and production process. What’s your favorite style?

There’s some small differences between the two shirt styles. In the pictures below we highlight the most important ones.

The Serious Shirt


The Fun Shirt


Improve every day and have fun while doing it. The goal is 100%

Size Guide

Need some help in deciding which one is the one for you? View our size chart.
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Care Instructions

A SKOT shirt is a piece of art. We want you to enjoy your SKOT shirt as long as possible. Treasure it, it’s worth it. Wear it as often as you like, but remember that washing of fabrics impacts both the environment as the shirt itself. Here’s some tips to minimize the impact.
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Hassle free ordering

You can order your SKOT sustainable shirt all day long, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. Quick, safe and easy.
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We carefully select the materials of your shirt. They need to be high in quality because we want them to last very long. But most important, they need to be produced in a sustainable fashion. With minimal impact on nature.

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A shirt is a piece of art. All SKOT shirts are made by craftsmen who are proud of their product. Naturally they have responsible employment conditions and work in safe environments.

We personally visited the factories and partnered with suppliers that have the highest standards on fair production.

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Fair chain fashion. That is the goal. Recycle your shirt after use for a premium. After a long lasting friendship, don’t feel hard about it. We give you 10% off on your next shirt purchase. No matter how long you have worn your shirt.
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Improve every day and have fun while doing it. The goal is 100%