SKOT T-shirts.
Sustainable quality in your daily routine.
Now in 6 different styles.

SKOT sustainable T-shirts.  Comfort and quality with positive impact. 

skot T-shirts: now in 6 different styles

Perfect to wear under your shirt. A T-shirt that fits comfortably, with a deep V-neck and made with respect for people and planet. Now available in different styles: round neck, v-neck and deep v-neck. In the colors White, Black and Invisible.

Order your 2-pack sustainable T-shirts for only €29,95.

sustainable t-shirt

The most sustainable T-shirt

SKOT sets a new standard in sustainability. This T-shirt is a new example. Organic cotton with GOTS certification. Fair Trade produced. Made with real craftsmanship, in order to last extra long.
Every time you wear your SKOT T-shirt, you effortlessly support a better world.

SKOT is serious about affordable quality

We think we've crafted the perfect T-shirt.
We combined quality, sustainability and affordability. Wearing it means making a smart choice.
Because we sell online, we can offer a 2-pack for a competitive price. More T-shirt for your money.

Order your sustainable T-shirts

With SKOT sustainable T-shirts you make the smarter choice for affordable quality with positive impact. Order a 2-pack now for only € 29,95! 

Fair Trade
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