SKOT goes circular

Today we have added six new shirts to our collection. And with these two new shirts we are taking the next step towards a more sustainable clothing world. The shirts are of course produced sustainably as you are used to from us, but this time the shirt is circular down to the details.

Refibra ™ x Organic cotton

The shirts are made of 36% Refibra ™ – a sustainable yarn made from recycled cotton and wood pulp from protected forests. The remaining 64% is made from OCS-certified cotton. Naturally both produced sustainably.

Circular yarn

We did it! A strong durable yarn. In general, recycled material is not very suitable for shirts. But thanks to the unique mix, we have been able to develop a thin yarn that is also good enough for a long life of your shirt.

SKOT Circular

Luxurious appearance

SKOT believes that top quality clothing and a positive impact go together. In fact: must go together. In addition to paying a lot of attention to the durable details, the fit and appearance of the shirt is also so important. The circular shirts are therefore woven in twill, which gives it a rich look. The corozo buttons complete the look.



 Are you taking the next step towards a more sustainable clothing world together with SKOT?

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