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Sustainable Shirt Serious Dobby

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A Dobby is a shirt which is characterized by small geometric patterns and extra texture in the fabric. Such as little white dots into a high quality blue fabric. We proudly present the Serious Dobby, a luxury fabric from Italian top fabric supplier Monti. Because the pattern is woven into the fabric, this shirt is very different from a printed shirt. A Dobby gives every shirt a classy look, and this is the same with the Serious Dobby. The mother of pearl buttons only accentuate the class of this shirt.

Naturally the fabric is made from high quality 100% organic cotton. With a standard flim-fit.

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Nothing to hide. SKOT is transparent about the prices. 

We are proud of our products and the way it’s made. That’s why we have nothing to hide and we give full transparency about the price elements of our shirt.

Even better, we show that our shirts are very competitively priced because we don’t sell via Retail and save considerable costs this way. This way you get more shirt for your money.

All SKOT shirts are made of 100% organic cotton

With this shirt you save:

  • 2.000 liters of water
  • 0.2 liters of toxic chemicals
  • Land degradation and water pollution
  • Forced labor or unsafe working conditions

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