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People don’t buy clothes out of pity – they buy clothes to look great. It has to be fashion and quality first, and incidentally sustainably made.

(Kate Hamnett)

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SKOT fashion is a dutch sustainable brand for men. You will find SKOT clothes only online. Why? In this way we can offer you the best price for a high-quality and durable shirt or t-shirt. And that makes us quite special among the list of sustainable clothing brands. With every sustainable shirt or t-shirt you will find a transparent price structure, in which we show what costs, what we incur and what margin we charge. We do not have many other costs. And so you pay much less for a SKOT shirt than you will pay for the same men’s shirt with a retail price. Fair enough right?

Ethical Fashion

We believe that transparency is the first step towards more sustainability in the polluting fashion industry. There is still a lot to improve in this. Ethical clothing often has a dull, expensive and complicated image. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We design our own prints and use high-quality organic cotton. During production we strive for a production process that is as fair as possible with respect for people and nature. And because we only sell our shirts and t-shirts online, we can offer you a fair but also competitive price.

sustainable webshop

But no less important all products in our webshop also have a positive impact on you. Top quality organic cotton, a sleek design and an excellent fit ensure a great fit and luxurious appearance. And also for an extra long life of your shirt.


Quality, design and sustainability are the most important pillars for our slim fit shirts. We distinguish two designs. Are you looking for a good business shirt? Then choose our Serious collection, made from organic cotton and buttons made from sustainably pearl. Doesn’t it all have to be that serious? Choose one from our Fun collection, of course also made from an organic cotton, but then with recycled coconut buttons.


Complete your outfit with the sustainable t-shirts from SKOT. Designed to not only be worn as a shirt under your shirt, but also as one of your best basics in itself. SKOT strives for 100% sustainable or while wearing fair trade clothing. The sustainable t-shirts in our range are made from organic cotton and have the GOTS quality mark. Something we are proud of!

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