Brand story


Why is it so hard to make beautiful clothes and to make them in a sustainable way as well?

We want to solve this. That is why we started SKOT.

Where a passion for design and clothing meets a passion for sustainability.

We are specialists in top quality shirts. Since 2017 we show that quality and positive impact go hand in hand.

And for a competitive price.

We are a small startup based in Amsterdam. We have big dreams.

100% sustainable fashion, that is the goal. Dream along and follow the journey of SKOT.

SKOT is Frysian and means treasure. We chose the name to emphasize the need to take care of precious things. Treasure the world, treasure the people who are near to you. Treasure our SKOT shirts. To possess something beautiful means you have to take good care of it. Clothing is not an attribute to throw away quickly, but it’s a piece of art which you can treasure for a long time. That is why we chose SKOT.


Our vision is a fashion industry with a minimal footprint on nature and positive impact on people. Because we want to enjoy this world forever. And because we have respect for others.


SKOT stands for top quality. Not only makes quality the shirt more durable, it also gives the shirt a luxury look. The detailed finishing and the fashionable design make the shirt exceptional in it’s class.

To remain competitive with our pricing, we offer our shirts only online and not via retail shops. Because we cut out the middle man, we save a lot of unnecessary costs.

This means you’ll only get more shirt for your money.

SKOT believes in a fair and fun world. Our shirts are the physical evidence of that message. Made with a smile, to be worn with a smile.

Join the party!