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We offer the most sustainable shirt on the market. Made as eco- and people friendly as possible. SKOT believes that fashion should be fair and fun, not polluting and inhuman.

The vision of SKOT is that everybody has a wardrobe that is fully sustainable.

We start with shirts. Every man has a shirt in his closet. Some people wear it daily, others only on occasions. We carefully crafted the SKOT shirt, with high quality organic cotton, attention for detail and a perfect slim fit.

Now available in two designs, fun and serious. Because life is also a mix between fun and serious.

Quality, design and sustainability go hand in hand. Wear it to believe it.


SKOT Fashion B.V. is a social enterprise. For a social enterprise there are more important things than making a profit. SKOT supports a sustainable lifestyle, which means balancing the use of planet earth with its generating capacities. In this consuming world this simply means reduce, reuse and recycle. Lower the destructive impact we make, and replacing it with a conscious and sustainable one.
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SKOT started in 2016, when two Frysian friends met again in Amsterdam. One with a passion for sustainability, one with a passion for fashion. Sustainable and high quality shirts, that became the goal. The journey started.
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SKOT believes in a fair and fun world. Fashion should be fair and fun. Not polluting and inhuman. That’s why we decided to make shirts with minimal impact on nature and positive impact on the people who make it. With fair pricing and high transparency. We just started our journey. We’re not there yet, but the goal is 100%.


Our values are derived from a central theme: “Be the change you want to see”. This is a quote from Gandhi, who practiced cotton spinning to change the world.

The values of SKOT are identified in 3 areas.

Sustainability: fair materials, fair production and fair chain.

Product: high quality, feel-good fit and detail.

Behavior: always improving and have fun while doing it and transparency.


SKOT stands for Treasure. Treasure the world, the people who make your shirt and the ones smiling at you. Treasure the product. SKOT is Frysian, just as I am, and it reminds me every day to stay close to my roots.


We carefully select the materials of your shirt. They need to be high in quality because we want them to last very long. But most important, they need to be produced in a sustainable fashion. With minimal impact on nature.
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A shirt is a piece of art. All SKOT shirts are made by craftsmen who are proud of their product. Naturally they have responsible employment conditions and work in safe environments.

We personally visited the factories and partnered with suppliers that have the highest standards on fair production.

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Fair chain fashion. That is the goal. Recycle your shirt after use for a premium. After a long lasting friendship, don’t feel hard about it. We give you 10% off on your next shirt purchase. No matter how long you have worn your shirt.
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The question is simple and straightforward. Why all the effort for sustainable clothes? What really is the problem? What is wrong with (my) clothes? Without trying to give a complete or scientific answer here, I do have some thoughts on what the problem is.
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Improve every day and have fun while doing it. The goal is 100%