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SKOT started in 2016, when two Frysian friends from high school met again in Amsterdam. One with a passion for sustainability, one with a passion for fashion. Sustainable and high quality shirts, that became the goal. The journey started.

After numerous designs, endless fitting sessions and adjustments on the perfect shirt, we felt proud to start with two shirt types: Fun shirts and Serious shirts. The Fun collection can be worn for leisure wear. They are a bit shorter and have a more outspoken design. The Serious ones are perfect for work wear, with careful attention to the right collar strength and a good fit.

The young SKOT visited factories that make the materials and produce the shirt. Both in Italy and Turkey. We searched for the best combination of quality product and responsible production. Both for the environment and the personnel. We think we found it.

In the summer of 2017, SKOT officially launched. We offer beautiful and high quality shirts, made with minimal impact. We have an important message to tell, a message of fair and fun in an endless world.

Our journey has only just begun. Please visit the materials page where we tell about the choices we made to make the shirt high on quality and low on environmental impact. Also, visit the production page where we explain how the shirt is made and how we made the trade-off between labor costs and responsible production.

There are still lots of improvements to do. We will continue to investigate this. In all areas: production, materials and recycling. The goal is to reach 100%. In sustainability, but also in quality and customer excellence. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the ride.

Make sure to visit this site regularly for updates about our journey!

Improve every day and have fun while doing it. The goal is 100%

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