Recently I had an interview with Maartje. She works for the Dutch ASN Bank. They help sustainable entrepreneurs with their community “Voor De Wereld Van Morgen”. And it works! SKOT already has benefited a lot from them. Do you want to know how they help? Read the full interview here (in Dutch).  

We live in exciting times. More and more information becomes available about the wellbeing of the earth. It’s about climate change, long term energy supply and how to keep the earth as our home ground in let’s say 2050. We’ll need to make a lot of changes to make that happen. But on the other … Meer lezen

Good morning!! Let’s start the day with a nice cup of tea. Did you know that every non-organic shirt uses a cup full of toxic chemicals? Formaldehyde, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, which all have a significant negative impact on nature and on the people who work with the materials. It’s simply poison. Not our cup of tea! Go for organic clothing.

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