Coming soon: the new SKOT shirts. Before we’ll show the first pictures, we can spoil some nice details about the shirts. New shirts and renewal of current collection SKOT started with 12 different shirts, in the Fun collection and the Serious collection. Unfortunately, a lot of sizes are sold out already, especially from the smaller … Meer lezen

People who wear SKOT shirts have an excellent taste. Are you wearing suits or suit jackets as well? Then the sustainable suits and jackets from DutchSpirit will be the perfect match for you! All suits and jackets are tailored to give you the best fit. They are made from sustainable materials and are completely in … Meer lezen

On sale this month of February: the White Fun shirt! A beautiful white casual shirt that will look good on you on every occasion. With brown buttons made of recycled coconut. The shirt combines style with quality and sustainability. The whole month of February you can buy the White Shirt for a discount in our … Meer lezen

We live in exciting times. More and more information becomes available about the wellbeing of the earth. It’s about climate change, long term energy supply and how to keep the earth as our home ground in let’s say 2050. We’ll need to make a lot of changes to make that happen. But on the other … Meer lezen

Van 15 tot en met 19 januari is het de Week van de Circulaire Economie. Zeker voor de kledingindustrie is hier veel te winnen. Gemiddeld gooit iedere Nederlander 13 kilo kleding per jaar weg. Minder dan 1% van kleding wordt gerecycled in nieuwe kleding. SKOT support circulair. De aarde is een fantastische plek, en er … Meer lezen

YEHESS!! IT’S BLUE MONDAY!! To celebrate we all have moods (and that most shirts are blue) there is a special € 10 OFF on 6 blue SKOT shirts! And if you’re already in bed calling it a day, the offer is valid for Tuesday and Wednesday as well! So up and until January 17. Enough time to shop … Meer lezen

Starting a company in sustainable fashion is exiting and inspiring. That’s why the entrepreneurial website and SKOT partnered and offer the readers a monthly blog about the adventures of Ruben van Veen, the founder of SKOT. Every month Ruben will write about his experiences and his thoughts about growing a sustainable company. The second … Meer lezen

It’s the time of the year again! Coming Saturday the Amstelveld in Amsterdam will be transformed into a Christmas Market. Get into higher spheres and stroll around, shop around or just drink loads of hot chocolate. Of course SKOT Fashion will be present with the most beautiful and sustainable shirts. Which make a great present … Meer lezen

Do you want to help to make SKOT the new Tony’s Chocolonely or Fairphone of the clothing industry? SKOT Fashion is a new sustainable clothing brand. SKOT believes in a fair and fun world. Fashion should be fair and fun. Not polluting and inhuman. That’s why we decided to make shirts with minimal impact on … Meer lezen

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