This week it`s Fashion Revolution Week! This global movement is pursuing a more transparent and sustainable fashion industry. At SKOT we truly feel this is the only way forward! The movement started in 2013 after the collapsing of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, killing more than 1100 garment workers. Big Fashion companies stated that they couldn’t tell where their clothes were being made. What nonsense!

This week is to make clear that you have the right to know where your clothes are being produced. Because the people who make it deserve it, and because the beautiful clothes you’re wearing deserve it.
All SKOT shirts are made by craftsmen who are proud of their product. We produce in Italy and in Turkey. Naturally, they have responsible employment conditions and work in safe environments. We don’t say we’re perfect, there’s enough to develop and to improve in our supply chain. But it is our mission to improve every day. And have fun while doing it. The goal is 100% sustainable fashion.
Meet the people who make the SKOT shirts!

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