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The shipping costs (per package) are as follows:

  • Netherlands: Free shipping for orders above EUR 70. We ask for a small fee of EUR 1.95 for orders below. 
  • Belgium and Germany: EUR 6,50. Free delivery for orders above EUR 150.
  • Rest of World: EUR 15. Free delivery for orders above EUR 150.

When you return your shirt, this is free of charge when you send it back from the Netherlands. Use a similar package as the one you received it in, which fits through a regular mailbox.

When you return your package from outside the Netherlands, the shipping costs will not be reimbursed.

We will deliver your SKOT shirt in 2 days when ordered in the Netherlands. Order on Monday, and you get it on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. When you order on Saturday, you’ll get the package on Tuesday or Wednesday.

When you order your shirt from outside of the Netherlands, expect 3-10 days for delivery.

When we send the package, you will receive track & trace information via email. If you want to receive additional information, send an email to hello@skotfashion.com.

Go to the section “ordering and returns“.

Choose the button “Exchange/ return Shirt”. Fill in the form and print the address label. Attach it to the original package. Drop the package in a mailbox. 

No this is not possible. We’re an online shop, and prefer to order via our webshop. But, you are always welcome to drop by. Please send an email to hello@skotfashion.com.


You can buy SKOT shirts in our webshop only.

We currently don’t sell our shirts through retailers. Sometimes we are present at events and we may sell our shirts at location. Check our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on planned events.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Pesticides pollute soil and water, killing wildlife and harming communities. With organic agriculture natural fertilizers and fertilizing techniques are used instead, including compost, manure, naturally derived mineral and plant fertilizers, and crop rotation.

A staggering 25% of the world’s total amount of pesticides is used in the cotton cultivation industry. On average that means every non-organic shirt has 200ml of chemicals on it. That is a toxic drink that SKOT is happily turning down.

Just sign up for our newsletter in the footer below. You’ll receive priority updates on the selection and the launch date of our new collection.

After a long lasting friendship, don’t feel hard about it. We give you 10% off on your next shirt purchase. No matter how long you have worn your shirt. Send us an email to hello@skotfashion.com and indicate that you wish to return your shirt to exchange it for a new one. We’re happy to help with the ordering and logistics process.


We partnered with a third party payment provider, Mollie. This company has a great track record in safely processing online payments.

You can check the status of your order by logging into your account on our website.

You’ll get a confirmation email once you have placed the order. You’ll get another email when the package is shipped. In this email you will receive a track&trace number, through which you can track when your shirts will arrive.

We prefer payments with IDEAL. This is the fastest and cheapest option. Other payments we accept are Paypal and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Once you have placed an order you will automatically receive a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive it, check in your spam folder or in your deleted items folder. Still didn’t find it? Contact us on hello@skotfashion.com. We’re happy to help.

Once you have completed the return process and the shirts have been received back by SKOT, we’ll refund the payment amount within 1-5 working days.


SKOT stands for Treasure. Treasure the world, the people who make your shirt and the ones smiling at you. Treasure the product. SKOT is Frysian, just as I am, and it reminds me every day to stay close to my roots.

We think we made the most sustainable shirt on the planet. Because we use fair materials, fair production and fair chain. Read more in our different sections:

  • Fair materials
  • Fair production
  • Fair chain

Don’t hesitate to send us your question of give us your comments. Check our contact section.

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