Fair Production

A shirt is a piece of art. All SKOT shirts are made by craftsmen who are proud of their product. Naturally they have responsible employment conditions and work in safe environments.

We personally visited the factories and partnered with suppliers that have the highest standards on fair production.

We want you to feel good wearing our shirt. This is only possible when you know your shirt is made the right way. Made by people like you. Made in environments you could work in as well.

Shirt production

We chose Turkey as our preferred location for the production of SKOT shirts. At this location we found the best mix between production quality, responsible employment conditions and price.

We teamed up with one of the best factories in Istanbul, Karbel. This is a dedicated shirt production facility with high standards on quality and labor conditions. Personnel is transported to and from their homes, there is a maximum on the weekly work hours and there is a work council. The factory is BSCI certified.

Most clothing is produced in Asia, mainly China, India and Bangladesh. SKOT does not produce in Asia because of language, distance (for transport but also visits and audits) and uncertainty about ethical standards.

Turkey has been negatively in the news around suppression of (press) freedom and minorities, and diplomatic relations with The Netherlands are disturbed. Should this be a reason to move production to other countries? Until now, we didn’t do so because of two reasons.
First, the Karbel factory simply is the best. It combines high quality processes and true craftsmanship with transparency and fair labor conditions. Everybody can speak up to the director and the factory goes the extra mile in supporting the personnel. In our visits we could walk around freely and speak with everybody. No secrecy. Second, what do you get elsewhere? Producing in Asia has certain disadvantages. The same goes for Morocco and Ecuador. Portugal and Slovakia have better democracies, but we haven’t found a facility with satisfying results in product quality.

Sustainability is a journey, and consists of many small steps towards improvement. We keep on searching for the highest standards in sustainable production while keeping a keen eye on other important factors such as affordability.

Fabric production

We use 100% organic cotton from two companies. The main source is Albini, from Italy. The second source is Soktas, from Turkey.

Albini is a 5th generation family company based in Albino. They make the best fabrics for shirts in the world. Albini tries to innovate in every single step in the creation of a fabric. The latest step is the introduction of a low impact painting facility.

Soktas is a specialist designer and producer of fabrics. They also want to get the best results on people, planet and profit and they choose a wide approach in improving on all levels. Soktas is a front-runner in sustainability, and provide a wide range of 100% organic cotton. Their Eco logic collection is a premium line combining enduring quality with high sustainability.

Cotton production

100% organic cotton, with minimal water use.

The cotton is grown in Israel, which is known for using advanced technologies in agriculture. The cotton farms use a dripping irrigation method, which minimizes the use of water. A conventional shirt uses around 3.500 liters of water. This cotton uses 60% less, around 2.000 liters. To compare, you can shower 30 times with this difference.

The cotton yarn produced is extra long staple, this is the highest quality cotton fibre. The cotton is GOTS certified, and the cotton farms in Israel are member of the better cotton initiative (BCI).

first shirt from the production!
Overview of the Karbel production line
the Karbel production team
Checking the fabric @ Albini, Italy
Colourful yarns @ Albini, Italy
SKOT shirts being produced @ Karbel
Design department @ Soktas, Turkey

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