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We carefully select the materials of your shirt. They need to be high in quality because we want them to last very long. But most important, they need to be produced in a sustainable fashion. With minimal impact on nature.

We want to use natural materials in our shirts. No pesticides. No polyester. Our shirts are always 100% organic cotton. Without chemicals, the shirt feels soft and gentle on your skin. It really makes you feel good. Because we only use organic cotton it’s more easy to recycle the shirt after use towards new cotton. We strive for minimal impact and maximum quality.

What are the materials that make up your shirt?

Organic cotton

We only use organic cotton. No concessions. Organic cotton means that no chemicals and pesticides are used during the cultivation of the cotton plant. Why is this important? The used chemicals destroy the farming grounds and are toxic for the farmers. A staggering 25% of the world’s total amount of pesticides is used in the cotton cultivation industry. On average that means every non-organic shirt has 200ml of chemicals on it. That is a toxic drink that SKOT is happily turning down.

The cotton is grown in Israel, where advanced technologies are used resulting in a high quality product and minimal water use. The cotton fibres from Israel are long staple, and have the GOTS trademark to ensure the cotton is produced along the highest sustainable standards.


Shirts have some extra stiffness on the collar and on the manchet. A fabric called interlining is used for this. The bad news is that interlining is glued and pressed on the fabric with formaldehyde, which is a toxic material. We used the minimum quantity, which resulted in eco class 1. This is a safe level, and the same quantity as used in baby products.

Natural buttons

We use two different types of buttons. Both natural ones. No plastic.

In the Fun collection we use a recycled coconut button, made from coconut waste. There is a lot of coconut waste, around 60 billion kilo’s annually. We think making buttons from it is a great second use for this tropical fruit.

In the Serious collection we use mother of pearl buttons. These exclusive and high quality buttons are grown and harvested in a sustainable way. A protected area of reef in the Northern of Australia is used for the cultivation of the shells, which contain mother of pearl. In harvesting season, divers manually choose the right shells for use. They only pick the ones middle in size. The young shells are able to grow further and the bigger and older ones are able to grow their families.

All our buttons are fastened with a trademarked Ascolite button wrapping method. Under the button the threads are wrapped together, which make a firm seal. This way you’ll never lose a button.


We use a traditional polyester yarn. Unfortunately.

Basically, there are two types of yarns used in a shirt. Recycled yarns and traditional ones. We tested with recycled yarns, which consist of 30% recycled material. They are simply not strong enough to use in the sewing machines and to keep the shirt in one piece. That’s why we chose to use the industry standard yard in most sections in the shirt. Only in the inside seam of the shirt (overlock stitching) we use the recycled yard.

High quality, and some battles to win on the sustainability level.


All labels in the SKOT shirts are woven and 100% cotton.

Can a shirt go without labels? We asked ourselves that question while designing the shirt. There is some information every shirts needs to carry, for example the size of the shirt, washing instructions and production location. We experimented with printing directly on the shirt fabric, but the quality was not satisfactory. So we decided to stay with labels, but not made from polyester. Next step in the process is to produce these labels from organic cotton as well. O, and a tip: the size label shouldn’t be bothering your neck, because it’s made from cotton. But if it does, you can easily remove it. You can always find your size in your account online.

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