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Fair chain fashion. That is the goal. Recycle your shirt after use for a premium. After a long lasting friendship, don’t feel hard about it. We give you 10% off on your next shirt purchase. No matter how long you have worn your shirt.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. There are a lot of factors contributing to the pollution, from fabric production, water use, dyeing, transport and waste removal.

The earth is a fantastic place, and there’s no second one. We can make use of the resources of the planet, but remember not to empty the resources and to waste the only hand that is feeding us.

That’s why SKOT tries to minimize the impact on the earth. In every single step of the chain. Production, trade, use and removal. We have high standards on sustainability. And we try to improve them every day. Sustainability is a journey. Because we think there’s always room for improvement, and because the innovative power of mankind is what still keeps us here. And also, it’s fun while trying it!

For example: it is not done when you buy a shirt. We’d like you to take care of it during its lifetime. That’s why we give you some eco-friendly washing product from our friends from Seepje.

And we hope you have a long lasting friendship with our SKOT shirts. But the time has finally come and you and your shirt have to separate ways, don’t feel hard about it. Send us your shirt and we’ll recycle it. We also give you a 10% discount on your next shirt!

In all steps of the value chain we checked for the best practices, and tried to find a sustainable alternative. While keeping a keen eye on quality and cost. In some steps we could make big improvements, and in others we need to continue the search. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of how SKOT minimizes it’s footprint.

Growing of cotton

  • Organic production. No pesticides, no chemicals
  • Minimal water use. 60% less than conventional production
  • No soil degradation
  • Fair wages and no child or forced labor

Production of fabric and shirt

  • Good labor conditions
  • Energy efficient production and partly by green sources
  • Low impact painting process
  • Re-use of waste from production process

Transport and trade

  • No production in Asia, saving considerable transport
  • Delivery by regular mail with negligible CO2 impact

Use and after use

  • Enduring quality, ensuring long use cycle
  • Washing with eco friendly washing detergent from our friends from Seepje
  • Recycle your shirt with us after use for a premium

Improve every day and have fun while doing it. The goal is 100%

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