Strijk je overhemd in 5 snelle stappen Voor je start met strijken  Stand 2 stippen (warm) Gebruik een goed strijkijzer Stap 1: De boord Eerst de binnenkant Dan de buitenkant. Maak een mooie vouw, zodat de punten van je boord naar beneden wijzen Van de punt van de boord naar het midden. Zo voorkom je … Read more

Green Friday deal SKOT

  Black Green Friday We offer you a green deal, at what we call Green Friday. 50% discount!   A SKOT shirt for € 89 instead of € 169.   Well…uh? I hear you think. That is the normal SKOT price, right? Yes, you’re right. At SKOT you pay 50% of the price you normally would pay … Read more

Oprichter Ruben bij SKOT Pitch

The SKOT pitch in 1 minute. Do you want to know how that sounds? Founder Ruben got the chance to pitch on BNR Radio. A great opportunity to tell a broader public about sustainable fashion and about SKOT. Shirts that are top quality and sustainably made. With a competitive price, because we only sell online … Read more

Since 2 years the Global Fashion Agenda publishes the Pulse report, a combined grade of the sustainability in clothing. The good news is that the grade improved. The bad news is that it improved from a 3.2 to a 3.8. On a scale of 10. I wrote an article about it in Dutch. The bottom … Read more

With the new collection in and to celebrate the summer, we decided it was time for a new fotoshoot of the SKOT collection. A shoot is always exciting and fun! With good preparations and a wonderful team the day was a great success. Thanks to the models, photographer and art directors for all their effort. … Read more

Last week founder Ruben van Veen was a guest in the radio show of Koen Bugter, Let’s Talk Business! Together with human rights expert Sjirk Prins from the ASN Bank they talked about fair fashion, entrepreneurship and of course they talked about SKOT! You can read the article that ASN Bank wrote about it here. … Read more

It seems so easy. Making a new shirt collection. But in reality there’s some big challenges in the clothing industry. And it’s not only about sustainability. I wrote a blog on about it. You can read it here. The article is in Dutch only.

This week it`s Fashion Revolution Week! This global movement is pursuing a more transparent and sustainable fashion industry. At SKOT we truly feel this is the only way forward! The movement started in 2013 after the collapsing of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, killing more than 1100 garment workers. Big Fashion companies stated that … Read more

Recently I had an interview with Maartje. She works for the Dutch ASN Bank. They help sustainable entrepreneurs with their community “Voor De Wereld Van Morgen”. And it works! SKOT already has benefited a lot from them. Do you want to know how they help? Read the full interview here (in Dutch).  

Hailey Noa van Palace of Bliss wrote a beautiful review about SKOT Fashion. Including a photoshoot of the White Fun shirt. Great to read and see that lots of people are thrilled about SKOT and its sustainable mission! The review is in Dutch. Read the full review here: Fair Fashion voor mannen  

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