About SKOT

SKOT Fashion B.V. is a social enterprise. For a social enterprise there are more important things than making a profit. SKOT supports a sustainable lifestyle, which means balancing the use of planet earth with its generating capacities. In this consuming world this simply means reduce, reuse and recycle. Lower the destructive impact we make, and replacing it with a conscious and sustainable one.

Ruben van Veen is the driving force behind SKOT. While living in New York, he felt that the world could use some help in re-establishing the balance between people, planet and profit. With support from green entrepreneurs and industry specialists, he decided to set an example. He started a fashion company which aims for a 100% sustainability level, whatever that means or whatever that may take. Now based in Amsterdam, Ruben strongly believes in the green economy and in the creating power of people in order to steer the world into safer grounds.


SKOT Fashion B.V.

Chamber of commerce: 69001510

Tax identification: NL857684590B01